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The server returns an ID to the client, which is a unique client identifier within the system. The server can only generate query replies to clients which are directly connected to it. The download is done by dividing the file into parts and asking each client a part. In Gnutella protocol V0. Query messages use a flooding mechanism, i. A hop count field in the header limits the message lifetime.

Gnutella protocol V0. The leaf nodes send query to an ultrapeer, the ultrapeer forwards the query and waits for the replies. When a node has enough bandwidth and uptime, the node may become an ultrapeer. If a query arrives with a search string that matches one of the files in the leaves, the ultrapeer replies and pointing to the specific leaf.

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In version 0. This feature allows sending information about the node to any node which supports an empty HTTP request, and receiving on response. An academic research performed the following experiment: At NYU, a regular Gnucleus software client that was connected to the Gnutella network as a leaf node, with distinctive listening TCP port At the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, a crawler ran looking for client listening with port If a user is connected to the Gnutella network within, say, the last 24 hours, that user's IP address can be easily harvested by hackers, since the HTTP monitoring feature can collect about , unique addresses within 10 hours.

A Globally unique identifier GUID is a 16 bytes field in the Gnutella message header, which uniquely identifies every Gnutella message. The protocol does not specify how to generate the GUID. Therefore, Windows clients reveal their MAC address when sending queries.

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In the JTella 0. Therefore, on each session, the client creates a sequence of queries with the same repeating IDs. Over time, a correlation between the user queries can be found. The monitoring facility of Gnutella reveals an abundance of precious information on its users.

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This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. And spoofing activity is when a peer-to-peer network is flooded with fake files of a certain title. An unexpected error has occurred. Out-Law News 1 November Telecoms firm breached sanctions by facilitating international calls Show me more. Read our community guidelines here.

It is possible to collect the information about the software vendor and the version that the clients use. Other statistical information about the client is available as well: capacity, uptime, local files etc.

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In Gnutella V0. The information is found in the first two messages connection handshake. Some Gnutella users have a small look-alike set, which makes it easier to track them by knowing this very partial information. Half of the search queries are strings and half of them are the output of a hash function SHA-1 applied on the string.

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Although the usage of hash function is intended to improve the privacy, an academic research showed that the query content can be exposed easily by a dictionary attack: collaborators ultrapeers can gradually collect common search strings, calculate their hash value and store them into a dictionary. When a hashed query arrives, each collaborated ultrapeer can check matches with the dictionary and expose the original string accordingly. A common countermeasure used is concealing a user's IP address when downloading or uploading content by using anonymous networks, such as I2P - The Anonymous Network.

There is also data encryption and the use of indirect connections mix networks to exchange data between peers.

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